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 Planning Event

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PostSubject: Planning Event   Mon 27 Feb - 3:32


Wind Runner Daily:
12 pm–11:30 pm

Deathly Atoll Quest
7 pm-12 am

Pirate Booty
7 pm- 12 am

Darkscale Spirit
7 pm- 12 am


Angler Cup (fishing)
9 pm EST (practice rounds at 9 am,1 pm ,5 pm est)


Darkwood Vale Battleground

Faerie's Funland
7 am- 0:30 am EST

Battlefield-Deathmatch  (1v1)
9 pm EST (requires registration before 9 pm at the event page O, at 9 pm requires manual queue)


Ninefold Assault
11 pm-11:20 pm

Battlefield-Deathmatch (1v1)
11 pm EST (requires registration before 11 pm at the event page O, at 11 pm requires manual queue)


Darkwood Vale Battleground

Snowpine Crag
8:45 pm- 10 am EST


Darkwood Vale Battleground

Egg Login Event
Entire day

Egg Hunt
11 Am – 9 pm EST (10:30 pm EST will spawn bonus egg)

Faerie’s Funland
7 am – 0:30 am EST

Territory War
9 pm – 11 Pm EST

Show the Way
11 pm – 7 pm EST
(little mushroom NPCs will be spawned, find them and bring them back)


Machinist's Gauntlet Battleground

Egg Login event
entire day

Egg Hunt
11 am – 9 pm EST (8:30 pm EST will spawn bonus egg)

Trivia God (quiz event)
10 am – 7 pm EST
(preliminary round require certain amount of points for finals).
7:10 pm – 7:30 pm final round.

Trivia Guide
1 am – 7 pm EST

Snowpine Crag
8:45 pm – 10 am EST

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Planning Event
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